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Welcome to the outdoor man page. On this site we will explore a lot of fun and not so fun out door activities. We will go and review different activites some interesting and some boring but I hope you will stick around with me and enjoy the journey.


Where It All Began

Well it first started when I was down in New Orleans. I was looking for something to do besides the mundane normal touristy thing. So I found my self searching the internet for fun thing to do in New Orleans, that is when I stumbled across something called Bowfishing. After looking at the pictures I immediately knew this was something I needed to do. IT combines archery and fishing, two of my favorite things. I called Nawlins Bowfishing and booked a trip right away. When I first arrived at the launch i was a little nervous as i did not know what to expect. But the captain and dock hand were very helpful and reassuring. When we jumped onto the boat i was surprised how calm the water was and easily the boat skimmed across the water. It didn’t take us long to reach our first spot, after a few minutes of instructions and hearing the phrase “Aim LOW” about a hundred times we started slowing moving across the water very slowly with everyone intently staring into the water. It didn’t take long for the deck hand to spot a red fish. I took aim, held my breath and fired an arrow it pierced the water quickly and stuck about 12″s into the mud. I missed. In fact i missed a lot it took me about five trys before I hit my first fish, but after I did I was hooked. I loved every minute of it, every shot, every hit and even every miss. It was amazing.  I think we fished about four or five hours; the time flew by while we filled our ice chest. When it was time to pick up I was both physically and mentally tired but I didn’t care. It was so much fun. I have already booked my next trip to New Orleans and am planning on bringing my nephew with bow fishing I cannot wait to go again. I even have been practicing empty 2 liter bottles in my pool. I will be ready next time. Just remember if you are ever in New Orleans make sure you check out New Orleans Bowfishing and remember to “AIM LOW.”
Frank Didier

Ok so here is the deal. I am a 39 year old contractor from Louisiana. I have been married for 18 years and rally it only seems like 50 (HA HA) I’m kidding. I have four kids from the ages of 17-4. I have 3 beautiful daughters and one energertic son. They all keep me on my toes. I work full time at my contracting business and part time playing on the internet. I am not really good at wordpress and have no reall skill in programing but I try. I am going to be writing useful articles that will help everyday people do the tedious and unpleasent things around the house. I plan on writing useful articles about silly stuff like fixing toilets, cleaning pools, DIY tutorials that will save you money. I also will write awesome reviews of the fun and crazy situations I find myself in like the one above where I started out in a hotel room and three hours later found myself in the Louisiana marsh shooting arrows at redfish So If you like what you see so far make sure to check out my blog and maybe Ill see you around.