My funky pool

Well my pool is green and I dont mean like a blue green. I mean like toyota tundra forrest green. After a couple days of warm weather and days of rain. I am a little afraid to go outside because I am not sure what could be lurking in its dark waters. My first instinct is to  just go buy a bunch of chlorine and throw it in the pool, but from past experience i know that that in a short term solution. It will probably clear up in a few days and then ill have to vacuum and refill the pool. This is my life. I know what i am suppose to do but I continually find myself doing the things I shouldn’t do. Have you ever been there? Well I reached out to a local pool cleaner at and they gave me a wealth of information. So this is what they told me. 

1 I have to shock the pool at 3.5 lbs and run the pump 24-48 hrs constantly. ( I did that although i raised the amount to 5 lbs , i figured i have to make sure whatever is living in there is dead as well as clean

2 Once the pool is clean I have to vaccuum out all the dead algae.

3 I have to take a sample of water to my local supply and give them the info on my pool and get my water tested. Then basically follow their instructions.

So I went to the pool place and waited in line and got my pool tested. After walking out of the pool place with 150$ worth of chemicals i realized that I went into the wrong business. I had to add  calcium, Ph, alkalinity and stabalizer. The pool tech assured me if i followed his instruction i would be good to go.

Fast forward a few days later and my pool is still clean. The guys at Nolapoolcleaner told me to brush the sides and bottom once a week and check chlorine levels twice a week to maintain the pool. I asked them how often i should get the water tested and they told mt to get my own pool testing kit and do it myself, so that is what I am going to try and do. Although they were so helpful I may have to give them some business this summer. If you ever are thinking about getting a house with a pool or putting one in. I urge you to do your research because maintaining a pool is expensive weather you do it your self or hire a pool maintenance company. I am thankful that my pool is clean again and maybe if I stay disciplined it will stay that away and this ummer I can actually enjoy coming home to a pool. Now I am off on my next great adventure. Stay tuned when I try and tackle my leaky gutters and rotted fascia board. Untill next time do it yourself and save some money.